A Home Workout for Busy People with a Cardio-centric approach

Goals delivered: Weight loss, gain muscle or tone (based on what you are after) and superior cardio.

Bodyweight Home Workout for Busy People to help Weight Loss & Gain Muscle

We know that the attraction of bodyweight training is to be able to perform a workout with nothing but your own body. However, we believe a vital part of any bodyweight routine requires one small supplement and that is to have a good quality chin up or pull up bar.

This is to facilitate the crucial movement patterns of horizontal pulling and vertical pulling. If these movement patterns are neglected then we are doing nothing to counter the harmful forward leaning nature of much of modern life e.g. mobile phone use, working on a computer and even driving. The amount of time we spend doing these with nothing to counter them, exacerbates neck, shoulder and back problems.

Some bodyweight training resources do not address the pulling movements and this, in our opinion, is a serious flaw. Other training guides advocate hanging from doorframes  (for the vertical pull) and tables (for the horizontal pull) and while we think this may work in certain situations, it is not a long term solution. A chin up or pull up bar in a home training setting attaches to a door frame and is very unobtrusive. 

The best type of chinning bar is one that allows other powerful exercises such as dips and inverted rows, if used in conjunction with a chair to suspend your feet. This efficiency is essential in implementing a superior home workout for busy people. For that reason we recommend a bar like this one

Obviously if you are traveling you cannot bring your bar with you and in that case you will have to temporarily remove the relevant exercises or you will have to compromise as stated above and use something such as door chin-ups.

Now to the workout.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Recommended frequency: 2 to 4 times weekly.

General Exercise and Pacing Guidelines.

Do a simple warmup to get ready for exercise and follow the workout with a simple cool down.

After the warmup perform the circuits below using the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) protocol. Essentially you will set a timer and at the top of every minute you will begin the next exercise. You perform reps and then rest until the top of the next minute. You can either use the second hand on your watch or there are a number of apps available for smartphones which allow you to easily build a timed routine, one smartphone app we have found to be good is called Seconds.

This workout is designed to tax your cardiovascular capacity and improve it over time. You use an AMRAP protocol with each exercise, in other words there is no set target for reps, you merely do as many as you can until you hit an ‘8’ in terms of exhaustion and then you use the remainder of the current minute to recover.  

Explanations of the exercises can be found here. Remember the guidelines for checking whether you are capable of a workout like this. If you suffer from bad knees then drop the jumps and do not perform a jump at end of a burpee.

Perform the circuit 3 times.

               Reverse Lunge, alternating legs
               Single Leg Bridge, left leg

               Mountain Climbers

               Single Leg Bridge, right leg


               Pull Up – See progressions in guide

               High Knees

               Push Up


               Pike Push Ups

This is an ideal home workout for busy people, you may be wondering how much weight you should start with and when you should increase this. This is all explained in General Exercise and Pacing Guidelines.

Take your time with the workout, progress at a pace you’re comfortable with, always remembering we are aiming for a sustainable workout experience, so stay within an effort of ‘8’ on a scales of 1 to 10. You can do this workout for as long as it holds your interest, the progression method will last indefinitely but if you get to the stage that you want to try something new, simply go to our Training Programs and choose another workout.