A Relaxing Cool down after your Home Workout for Busy People

It’s a good idea after a workout to perform a brief cool down. We know this website is all about providing you with a home workout for busy people which implies keeping things as brief as possible but  few minutes of stretching and foam rolling will allow you to minimize any residual soreness and set you up well for your next workout.

We will give guidelines on how long to do each movement or stretch for but as you become more comfortable with working out, feel free to trust your instincts and increase or reduce the time or even to swap other movements in.

The first time you do the cool down, it may take some time as you watch the videos to learn the correct technique but as you familiarize yourself with the movements the time will reduce. We think 5 to 10 minutes should be ample.

There are a few exercises that feature foam rolling, feel free to skip them but we think that they are worthwhile. If you have a foam roller, great, if not then we think something like this would be a good choice.


Foam Roll Quads

30 to 60 seconds, in the video below both quads are being done at the same time, start with this method. Later on you may wish to progress to doing one leg at a time to get a deeper feeling.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Remember don’t arch your lower back, maintain the posterior tilt in the pelvis as explained in the video. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds, building to 30 over time.


Hamstring Stretch

Follow the video below, 5 seven second stretches on each leg.


Passive Hang

Slowly build up to 30 second hangs. Hang three times, the first time here and then after each of the next two exercises.


Trap Stretch

This is a great stretch to do not only after your workout but even if/when you have been sitting staring at a screen for too long. Take 30 seconds on the upper and 30 seconds on the lower.


Piriformis Stretch

Follow the progressions in the excellent video below, don’t move onto a progression until you have mastered the previous one. Do this one for feel, but don’t exceed 30 seconds in any position.


This is a very relaxing exercise but remember don’t exaggerate the position at the bottom or the top, this is very important, just go to a point that gives a comfortable stretch. Do 10 repetitions.


Foam Roll Thoracic Spine Extension

As indicated in the video, do not go too low on the back and do not go a high as the neck. This is purely to get some upper back mobility. Go by feel as far as how many repetitions to do but we would recommend no more than 10 in any one position.


Belly breathing

We like to finish workouts with this, it’s a very relaxing exercise and leaves  you feeling refreshed. Start with a minute and then progress to do as much as you feel benefits.