Time Poor Training – Practical Weight Loss Tip 4

There are countless diet experts with various recommendations online, some of them are true experts and some maybe not so much. There’s advice around on everything from:

          What to eat: everything on the continuum from vegan to wholly carnivore


         When to eat: intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting, have breakfast/don’t have breakfast.

We think that some of this advice has taken on the characteristics of ideology and is more about putting down others’ views rather than looking simply to help people.

We’re not dietician’s or nutritionists and won’t pretend to be. So, we’re just going to share some recommendations over a few posts that we believe are easy to understand and easy to implement.

Just to be clear the idea is that you implement one of these tips for a short period of time and then when you’re confident it’s in place, start to implement the next one. Using this slow steady approach you will reap great benefits.

Our small, practical pieces of advice so far have been don’t eat between your main meals, don’t put something in your mouth unless your mouth is already empty and use a smaller plate.

Our fourth practical weight loss tip is put away all electronic devices for the duration of your meal.

This one is a challenge we know. We’re all quite dependent on our devices these days whether it be work or leisure related. When we do not have our phone with us or have a TV to watch, we feel lost and anxious (although we would argue that having a mobile device actually causes us more anxiety than its absence but that’s a discussion for another day).

If we do put the device away, we will immediately have a stronger connection with our food and a better awareness of how much of it we are consuming. With this increased awareness we have a much better chance of registering when our appetite has been satisfied as opposed to unconsciously taking mouthful after mouthful because you have to get through the meal in front of you.

You’ll notice too that this habit is very compatible with the habit of not putting something in your mouth unless your mouth is empty i.e. you’ve swallowed the previous mouthful. It is much harder to be aware that you are rushing your food if your attention is being taken by social media or emails from work.

Modern processed food is designed to be hyper palatable, to give ourselves a real chance of recognizing when we’ve had enough, we need to  removed distractions that take all of our protection.

If this seems like too big of a challenge, we would urge you to at least try it with your evening meal, a time when most of us would normally be in less demand from our jobs.

Talk to you soon.