Time Poor Training – Practical Weight Loss Tip 5

There are countless diet experts with various recommendations online, some of them are true experts and some maybe not so much. There’s advice around on everything from:

          What to eat: everything on the continuum from vegan to wholly carnivore


         When to eat: intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting, have breakfast/don’t have breakfast.

We think that some of this advice has taken on the characteristics of ideology and is more about putting down others’ views rather than looking simply to help people.

We’re not dietician’s or nutritionists and won’t pretend to be. So, we’re just going to share some recommendations over a few posts that we believe are easy to understand and easy to implement.

Just to be clear the idea is that you implement one of these tips for a short period of time and then when you’re confident it’s in place, start to implement the next one. Using this slow steady approach you will reap great benefits.

Our small, practical pieces of advice so far have been don’t eat between your main meals, don’t put something in your mouth unless your mouth is already empty, use a smaller plate and put away all electronic devices for the duration of your meal.

Our latest practical weight loss tip is to eat only until you’re 80% full.

Everyone’s experienced it, you’re hungry, sit down to a meal and chow down – before you know it, 10 to 15 minutes have passed, the dinner table looks like a crime scene and you’re starting to feel like you’re going to explode.

We’re suggesting that a great habit to adopt would be to slow down and try to recognize how full you feel. It’s not essential to wait until every last vestige of hunger has been annihilated by food before you stop. We’ve already talked about how your body needs time to register that its appetite has been satiated and once you’ve mastered that, this habit layers on top quite naturally.

You can, and should, stop at or before the 80% mark. Your weight will reflect your forbearance, your digestive system will definitely feel better and studies indicate that you may even live longer.

Some people attribute the better body composition among Okinawans over the age of 60 with their adoption of this habit, the typical BMI there is between 18 and 22 compared with an average of 26 or 27 for the US.

So, slow down, listen to your body and see the great things that can happen.