Getting Started

Sometimes the most difficult part of training, or for that matter anything really, is getting started. Getting restarted i.e. coming back after an absence for whatever reason, is much the same.

It feels like there’s some obstacle stopping us just getting to it, a sense of inertia which often materializes as “I’ll definitely start next Monday…..”

Our suggestion if you’re currently struggling to get started with an exercise regime is to simply try to do 5 minutes once a day. We wouldn’t even use the word ‘commit’ necessarily as some people may find that off-putting , simply think about your day and ask where you could most easily find 5 minutes fairly regularly. The simplest thing is to pair it with something else you already do daily and perhaps do it just before e.g. before you brush your teeth in the morning/evening, before you have dinner, doesn’t matter what the item is that you pair the training with.

What most people find after doing this for a few days is that they’ve invariably started to do more than the targeted five minutes but even if you don’t you’re still better off than if you’d done nothing.

If you’re looking for ideas, our programs might give you some. You don’t have to use these straight away though, you could just make it as simple as walking on the spot with high knees or, if you feel you’d like a little more variety, try a little circuit like this:

Start of first minute: walk on the spot with high knees

Start of second minute: 10 jumping jacks

Start of third minute: walk on the spot with high knees

Start of fourth minute: sit down in a chair and immediately get up, do this 10 times.

Start of fifth minute: walk on the spot with high knees

If you do want to start with our programs we suggest you take one of our “a little often” programs which you can find here for a Minimal Equipment setup, here for a Modest Equipment setup and here for Bodyweight. Then instead of initially of doing the circuit outlined 3 times as these programs suggest, just do the circuit once and then if/when you feel more comfortable go to twice and then threes times.

Another post that you might find helpful is one we wrote at the start of the Covid-19 restrictions which you can find here as there are lots of strategies to build incidental exercise into your day.

There’s a famous saying “Act your way into a feeling rather than feel your way into action”, meaning waiting until you feel like it is not a recipe for success, just start doing and the feeling will quickly follow. Or as a good friend of ours who was an avid marathoner once said “the hardest part is putting on my running shoes and heading out the front door”.