A Full Body Kettlebell Home Workout for Busy People using Simple-to-Learn Moves

Goals delivered: Weight loss, gain muscle or tone (based on what you are after) and superior cardio.

Kettlebell Home Workout for Busy People to help Weight Loss & Gain Muscle

For this workout you’ll need:

A suitably sized kettlebell – see this page  for more background on kettlebells and for our recommendation on a good brand of kettlebell.

Time needed: 10 to 30 minutes.

Recommended frequency: 2 to 4 times weekly.

General Exercise and Pacing Guidelines.

Do a simple warmup to get ready for exercise and follow the workout with a simple cool down.

After the warmup perform the exercises below as a circuit using a variant of the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) protocol. Essentially you will set a timer and at the top of every minute you will begin the next exercise. Unlike some of the other EMOM workouts on this site, there is a work-to-rest element in each of the minute blocks for this workout. During a minute you will work for the proscribed amount of time and the rest for the proscribed amount of time. Treat each exercise block as its own independent entity i.e. just because you may be able to work for 40 seconds on a kettlebell swing it does not necessarily mean you can do 40 seconds of push ups or vice-versa. Similarly, just because you may be able to manage say 40 seconds on the first block of swings that does not mean you can do that on subsequent blocks.

As you become better at an exercise you can increase the amount of work by 5 seconds (and obviously reduce the amount of rest by the corresponding amount). We recommend starting with 15 seconds or work and 45 seconds of rest and take your time progressing. Ultimately we would recommend no more than 50 seconds work in any one minute interval, so a minimum of 10 seconds rest. You may be wondering if this means that you will eventually plateau but this is not the case, you will slowly increase the amount of reps (or work) you are doing in each minute. By having at least a minimal break in each minute, you are also getting the benefits that come with interval training.

To track your work you can either use the second hand on your watch or there are a number of apps available for smartphones which allow you to easily build a timed routine, one smartphone app we have found to be good is called Seconds.

This home workout for busy people is a good full body workout with relatively simple moves that do not require a high degree of technical proficiency.

Explanations of the exercises can be found here.

Circuit – perform 1 to 3 circuits as ability increases

       Kettlebell Swings

       Reverse Lunge, alternating legs

       Kettlebell swings

       Goblet Squats

       Kettlebell Swings

       Push Up

       Kettlebell Swings

       Kettlebell Overhead Press