Minimal Equipment – Maximum Result Home Workouts for Busy People

If you wanted to train with absolutely no equipment you could choose bodyweight training and enhance health while achieving great fitness in a number of dimensions. However, we believe it’s best to avoid a tendency in fitness world to be dogmatic and absolutist, so, where possible, avoid saying ‘I only want to do type of training’. A blend of modalities can give great returns and with the addition of just a couple of inexpensive pieces of equipment, a bodyweight routine can be powerfully augmented as in this example.

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The first essential piece of equipment  is a Pull Up or Chin Up bar. Most people have a natural tendency to concentrate on the muscles to the front of their body e.g. the chest. However, the posterior muscles along the back will yield better returns in terms of health through combating the rounded shoulder syndrome which comes from watching screens of all types and aesthetically you will get a better result as developing better posture will present your body in a much better light. Some of the most important exercises for training the posterior muscles are Chin Ups and Pull Ups. Don’t worry if you cannot initially do an unaided pull up or chin up, there are simple progressions that will quickly fix this.


A chin up or pull up bar in a home training setting attaches to a door frame. The best type of chinning bar is one that allows other powerful exercises such as dips and inverted rows, if used in conjunction with a chair to suspend your feet. This type of efficiency is essential in implementing home workouts for busy people. For that reason we recommend a bar like this one



The other really powerful piece of equipment is a set of adjustable dumbbells. For the space it would take to store only one normal set of dumbbells, a set of adjustable dumbbells will offer you up to 15 weight combinations from 5lbs to 50lbs. The dumbbells we’d recommend are the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells. You can get cheaper adjustable dumbbells but it’s important to have a quality product, there have been situations where plates came loose from cheaper models and that isn’t something you want happening when you have the dumbbell overhead. Another great feature of the PowerBlock set is that they can be augmented later with the 70 or 90 pound extension kits



If you want another example of how just these two pieces of equipment can be combined here’s a second program.