2 Part Home Workout for Busy People – Strength Circuit with a Cardio Finisher

Goals delivered: Weight loss, gain muscle or tone (based on what you are after) and superior cardio.

Modest Equipment Home Workout for Busy People to help Weight Loss & Gain Muscle

For this workout you’ll need:

A chin up bar

A set of fitness bands

A set of Adjustable Dumbbells

A step

A Kettlebell


If you don’t have any or all of these and do not have what you think are reasonable substitutes then here are our recommendations for the best quality pieces of equipment.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Recommended frequency: 3 times weekly.

General Exercise and Pacing Guidelines.

Do a simple warmup to get ready for exercise and follow the workout with a simple cool down.

This workout is comprised of a strength circuit followed by a MetCon (Metabolic Conditioner) portion to improve your cardiovascular system.

After the warmup perform the strength circuit below using the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) protocol. Essentially you will set a timer and at the top of every minute you will begin the next exercise. You perform the target number of reps and then rest until the top of the next minute. You can either use the second hand on your watch or there are a number of apps available for smartphones which allow you to easily build a timed routine, one smartphone app we have found to be good is called Seconds.

When the strength circuit is finished you move to the MetCon section, again you will use the EMOM protocol but the only difference here is that you will perform 10 sets of the same exercise at the top of each minute. The exercises chosen here are low skill and suitable for cardiovascular development. There are a number of choices of exercises for the MetCon portion and our recommendation is to vary them. 

Explanations of the exercises can be found here.

               Strength Circuit
               Reverse lunge, Left Leg – 8 to 12 reps
               Reverse lunge,  Right Leg – 8 to 12 reps

               Push Up – 8 to 25 reps

               Pull Up – See progressions in guide

               Two Handed KB Swings – 10 reps

               DB or Kettlebell Thruster – 12 reps

               DB Bent Over Row, Left Arm – 12 reps

               DB Bent Over Row, Right Arm – 12 reps

MetCon – 10 minutes

  • Dumbbell Front Squats 6 to 10 reps per set – when comfortably completing 10 reps i.e. takes less than 30 seconds, increase the weight.
  • Step Up – 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off – stop before the 15 seconds remaining mark if you exceed the 7 to 8 level of difficulty.
  • DB Thrusters, 6 to 10 reps per set – when comfortably completing 10 reps i.e. takes less than 30 seconds, increase the weight.
  • 10 broad jumps, wear shoes with padding and use a surface with some give. Jump as far as you can, take time to turn around, set yourself and jump back in the opposite direction.
  • Single leg Bridge – 20 seconds each side then 20 seconds of rest
  • KB Swing, 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off with a weight you can comfortably handle. When the weight becomes too easy, you have a choice, you can increase the weight of you can increase the work portion e.g. 35 seconds on then 40 seconds on etc.

This is an ideal home workout for busy people, you may be wondering how much weight you should start with and when you should increase this. This is all explained in General Exercise and Pacing Guidelines.

Take your time with the workout, progress at a pace you’re comfortable with, always remembering we are aiming for a sustainable workout experience, so stay within an effort of ‘8’ on a scales of 1 to 10. You can do this workout for as long as it holds your interest, the progression method will last indefinitely but if you get to the stage that you want to try something new, simply go to our Training Programs and choose another workout.