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Home Workouts for Busy People

It’s important to make something clear, this website isn’t anti-gym or fitness club. Whether it’s a Crossfit box or a triathlon club or something else, the combination of group exercise, friendly competition and a social dimension can be extremely appealing.

During our combined decades of training, all of us at Time Poor Training have enjoyed extended periods of time pursuing diverse activities such as cycling, sea-swims, rugby, triathlon, ashtanga yoga, long-distance running, judo, boxing and rock-climbing. We wouldn’t trade the enjoyment gained during these endeavors for anything.

Home training, though, for a great many people is a much more feasible choice than joining a gym. Something they can use to achieve long-term health and fitness. Whether it’s due to work, family or other commitments, a train at home approach can be the perfect fit. Home workouts for busy people work incredibly well.

If you’re considering a home exercise routine this site is here to help you make informed choices. Sometimes it feels as if we’ve read every fitness book, followed every program and used every piece of fitness equipment that’s been published, released or manufactured in the past 20+ years. One of the areas of particular emphasis on this site is that of sustainability, avoiding injury and maintaining a slow, steady upward trajectory.

The “philosophy” of the underlying training approach here draws on our journey, from initial training to build muscle onto trying to improve performance and finally realizing it’s all about enhancing quality of life. Along the way there were periods where the training may not have been particularly healthy, perhaps too extreme but these provided valuable learning opportunities which we want to share the benefit of .   

For most people, as life progresses, family and work commitments grow. Often, we can reach a point where we’re practicing virtually no regular physical activity and that’s when the wheels start to come off. Whether it’s lower back pain, chronically sore shoulders, creaky knees or even digestive issues, we’ve experienced them, and it was no coincidence that these ailments often increased in severity when regular exercise disappeared from our routine.

If you’re returning to exercise we understand that it often isn’t a smooth journey back. The challenge is to avoid the ‘2 steps forward and 1 step back’ pattern and our belief is that the way to do this is with consistent, regular training combined with controlled intensity.

A lot of the programs on this site will stress the idea of not exceeding a ‘8’ on the scales of intensity. This type of training is designed to improve quality of life by improving lean muscle, reducing excess body fat and increasing cardiovascular capacity.